Part of our job is to leave your kitchen in perfect condition, so that everything is fully clean, in it’s rightful place and in working condition.  All you have to do is come in and resume your work after we’ve finished ours!

Our technicians are fully trained with Kitchen equipment and we pride ourselves on never leaving a mess for our customers. It is extremely important to us that your kitchen is ready for you to resume your operation immediately after we have finished our work.

The following will be completed before we are finished with our work:

  • Kitchen Cleanliness – Any counter tops, kitchen counters, walls, or anything else in our work space will be fully clean and sanatized at the completion of our work! We pride ourselves on this and look at it as just as important as any of our other functions
  • Pilot lights – All pilot lights will be turned back on, of course unless you request otherwise.
  • Kitchen Equipment – All equipment and appliance will be fully clean, having left cooking surfaces completely sanatized and ready to cook on
  • Electric check – All appliances will be plugged back in, and breakers and hood lights will be checked for full functionality.
  • Roof condition – This may not be part of the kitchen, but we want to remind you that, after servicing the full essembly of your hood/exhaust fan and duct system, that your roof will be left in a safe and clean condition! We won’t leave any grease behind.