Exhaust Cleaning

Best in class kitchen exhaust cleaning to Nashville and surrounding areas.

HoodTech offers best in class kitchen exhaust cleaning to Nashville and surrounding areas. Our years of experience will shine as we restore your kitchen to near original condition. Our job is to keep your restaurant safe and compliant by offering a thourough deep cleaning of your entire Kitchen Exhaust System (hood System) extracting grease from from the Hood, Duct, filters and fan essembly bringing your system back to clean metal and meeting and exceeding all NFPA codes.Our technicians and crew are fully-trained, and will exceed your expectations. Even better, we will perform our work with minimal interruption to your operations.

Our Process

  • Check List
    We start off with a check list that we will go over with you or your management, providing a detailed list of the areas we will be inspecting and working on and the services we will be providing for those areas.
  • Cleaning Service
    We provide a thorough deep cleaning of the entire kitchen exhaust system, a complete degreasing of the hoods, filters, duct systems, the exhaust fan on the roof and the roof area.
  • Condition & Follow Up
    Everything will be in excellent condition and will be completely grease fire proof before we leave. Then we follow up with final checklist that we can present to you or your management and/or a follow up call if that is your preference. We also offer before and after pictures. Check Other Services for commercial fan repair, filter replacement and grease containment.


All of our team is extesively trained licenced and NFPA certified. We are fully insured and bonded. We will be sure to keep your restaurant compliant with all safety standards. We meet and exceed all NFPA specifications to ensure that your Kitchen Exhaust System is safe from any grease fire hazards. It is also our job to make sure that your exhaust system is compliant with all fire codes and The Health Department requirements. We will also satisfy your Insurance Company’s needs.

Kitchen Condition

You will never clean up after us! Part of our job is to leave your kitchen in perfect condition, so that everything is fully clean, in it’s rightful place and in working condition. All you have to do is come in and resume your work after we’ve finished ours!